September 22-23, 2018: 67th Annual Chickahominy Fall Festival & Pow Wow

Head Staff
MC: Keith Colston, Tuscarora/Lumbee
Arena Director: Maurice Proctor, Piscataway
Color Guard: VEVITA Honor Color Guard, Washington D.C.
Host Northern Drum: KillShot Singers, North Carolina
Host Southern Drum: Southern Eagle, North Carolina
Head Male Dancer: Seth Adkins, Chickahominy
Head Female Dancer: Qua Lynch Adkins, Haliwa-Saponi
Junior Head Male Dancer: Dylan Sweeney, Chickahominy
Junior Head Female Dancer: Chloe Greene, Chickahominy
**Men's Special**
In Memory of Devin Holmes and Aaron Montez
Sponsored by Turtle Clan Drummers & Singers
1st: $500, 2nd: $300, 3rd: $100
Event Flyer Directions to Tribal Grounds