Tribal Government And Leadership

Before European contact, the Chickahominy Tribe was ruled by a council of elders called the mungai or "great men."

Today, a Tribal Council of twelve men and women, including a chief and two assistant chiefs, are elected by vote of our tribe.

Since gaining official recognition from the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1983, the Chickahominy tribe has been working for federal recognition. Over 850 people are enrolled in the Chickahominy Tribe, the majority of whom still live within 5 miles of the tribal center--which is located near the site of a pre-contact village.

Stephen R. Adkins was elected Chief in 2001. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Virginia Indian Tribes to gain federal recognition and to assure that America’s leadership includes a Native American voice.

Chief Steven Adkins First Assistant Chief Wayne Adkins

First Assistant Chief Wayne Adkins has also been very active in Chickahominy community leadership and the drive for federal recognition.